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Earn Extra Cash With Free Blogs

This is a quick guide to explain how you can start earning money from the internet for free; well there is a cost but its only time not pounds or dollars. If you have hobby or a special skill or feel your life is entertaining enough to write about it, do you know you can get paid for it? To be honest it is a very easy thing to do and when you get into it you can earn real money very fast. A lot of people on the internet are selling this information in the form of guides…. well I’m about to give it you for free!

First things first, you will need to decide on your topic, what are you going to write about? It’s always best to write about something you love and know a lot about, and then you will need to join a free blogging service or a free website. There are plenty of them about just pop “free blogging service” into your search engine, on the other hand I can personally recommend blogger, it’s the one I use and it’s very easy to use. Simply create your account with your blog provider and start writing your blog.

Now that you have; 
1. Your chosen subject. 
2. Your account. 
3. Some articles on your blog.

The next step is to put that all important advertising on your site, all you will need to do is join “Google ad sense” and this is quite easy to do. Once you have been accepted you will be able to choose what type of adverts you get, where they are positioned on your page and what colours they are. Remember to screen the adverts as you don’t want your competition nicking your customers.

The concept of this is very simple; Google will put these adverts on your page at no cost but will only pay you when people click on them. The person who clicks on the advert does not have to buy any products “only click the advert”. It seems quite a fair system and as I said above you don’t have pay anything out to start earning. It is quite a long winded process to get your site earning but when it does


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