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Blackberry Smartphone Users Save Time and Increase Productivity

Research In Motion (RIM), producers of the Blackberry smartphone, lately hired a studies company to behavior a look at at the performance of using the cell device in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The observe found that BlackBerry smartphone users save an average of 60 minutes a day, or 5 hours a week.

By focusing at the regions of saving time and growing productiveness, the survey located that the common Blackberry person stored 60 mins a day, turning this stored time into valuable, effective time. For example, a touring worker is able to ship and study emails and speak with co-employees and/or customers, saving them time later within the workplace. By saving time, productiveness improved 38% for the employee as well as that of the general team.

With as a whole lot as 50% of small enterprise employees in Europe categorised as mobile workers, the mobile smartphone industry is maintaining pace with the developing range of time-saving features they’re adding to the smartphones.

The survey specially located that 40% of Blackberry phone users might use the extra 60 minutes a day on management tasks, whilst 34% would use the time on income and advertising sports. As for private use of the Blackberry smartphone, 32% of users might spend the saved time to relax greater. 24% might spend extra time with their circle of relatives and 21% would spend extra time exercising.

An Irish Blackberry smartphone user, Suzanne Frazer, Sales Manager of Lir Chocolates said, “I surely keep at least 5 hours every week via the use of BlackBerry from O2. When you figure for an SME you need if you want to multitask. I’m not often in the workplace and would no longer be able to continue to exist with out my BlackBerry. I tour loads and BlackBerry has helped me control my time lots better and allows me appearance professional, responsive and on top of our commercial enterprise. I can get thru a mountain of work at the same time as enjoyable with a espresso at a inn or an airport.”

Blackberry phone users can also cope with time-touchy emails and make contact with calls to allow them to make speedy and effective decisions. Sophisticated cellphone features also manual humans to make informed selections at the go.


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